Build Healthier Food Access for the Future.

Your gift during our Annual Giving Campaign builds gardens, teaches youth to grow food, and strengthens food leaders of tomorrow.


Gather and Create Campaign

The Gather and Create Campaign catalyzes the creation of a food and community hub with a new Victory Garden Initiative home and headquarters

After School Garden Club

New this year is a year-your After-School Garden Club at our Urban Farm Campus and at nearby Pierce Elementary School

Our Team

Allie Furru

Program and Events Coordinator

The summer harvest of 2018 brought Victory Garden Initiative more than just delicious fruits and vegetables, it also gave us our new Programs and Events Coordinator, Allie Furru. As part of the Victory Garden Initiative team she will help deliver some of our most impactful programs, such as the Victory Garden BLITZ, while creating and developing new programs and events to be held at our growing Urban Farm Campus.

Julia Brucklacher

Program and Events Coordinator

Julia joined us in August as a Program and Events Coordinator. Julia will be with us throughout the next year as she carries out her service year with Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC).

Ian Powell


Preferring not to use the title "Farmer", Ian considers himself first a soil-builder and then an agriculturist. He began his agricultural adventure in his own backyard. There he first practiced composting and experimented with soil-building techniques.

Logan McDermott


Born and raised in Platteville, Wisconsin, Logan moved to Milwaukee to be "one of the city folk" and complete his degree in Liberal Arts at UWM. Starting his career as a volunteer service learner in 2013 and slowly growing each season to his role now with Special Operations on the Victory Garden Urban Farm. Logan is a firm believer in urban agriculture and the merits of sweat equity, always aiming to keep his thumbs green and his heart in the community.

Christine Kuhn

Youth Educator and CSA Manager

A naturalist by training, a gardener by happy accident, and a home cook by tremendous trial and error, Christine joined VGI in May 2018 as the Youth Educator where she is in charge of planning and implementing the Youth Education Program (YEP!).

Eric Anderson

Community Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Milwaukee native, Eric joined the VGI team in April 2017 in the midst of BLITZ planning and worked alongside Kelly to coordinate his first BLITZ. As Community Events Coordinator Eric leads the BLITZ, Garden Mentor Program, Fruity Nutty Five Contest, and other events.

Beverly Tyree

Program and Operations Director

Beverly joined VGI in July 2016 as our Education Programs Manager and is now the Program and Operations Director, focusing on adult and youth gardening education programs.

Gretchen Mead

Executive Director

Gretchen founded Victory Garden Initiative in 2008. Throughout her career as a social worker, she witnessed firsthand the negative impact that the current industrialized food system has on vulnerable populations. She observed that the poorest were the most susceptible to diet-related illnesses, especially where cheap processed foods are plentiful but fresh vegetables are all but inaccessible.