Sponsor a Blitz Garden!

The Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz takes place every April and May.

Every year we try to install at least 50% of our raised garden beds into at-risk communities

Blitz Volunteer Registration


Please take a look at the volunteer resources below before signing up and feel free to contact out Blitz Coordinator, Lexie, with any questions:

Blitz Garden Registration

Discount Zone Registration is now SOLD OUT! Standard and Outer Zone registration will close at midnight on April 15th.

Please see the

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"It was a positive experience for the kids. They felt confident and independent when making the recipes. They were thrilled and proud to share with family. Love the variety of recipes."

Virtual AgriCorps Kit Recipient

"Just LOVED all the information about honey. In fact, I overheard the students sharing what they learned with some nurses who work at our school!"

Field Trip Leader

"I enjoyed the experience and becoming more aware/familiar with the garden. We don't have a lot of extra time but the kids loved the small things - seeing the chickens during the last pickup, bringing home a chicken feather. Everyone was very friendly and responsive."

CSA Shareholder
2018 CSA Shareholder

The year that the Farm first started growing food across the street from my house, I had just gotten out of the hospital. I was very sick with sickle cell anemia and sometimes I felt ike I was going to die. Watching the garden grow out my window, and then getting to spend time there when I could finally walk again truly saved my life. The people who work there are so generous and open with their time and their lives. I just love them all.


Our Team

Lexie Mulhern

Blitz Coordinator

Michelle Dobbs

Executive Director

Aaron Wynn

Farm Manager