The Victory Garden Urban Farm is meant to be a community-owned resource. We want to infuse Harambee with nutritious, locally-grown produce that is free for all people. Nearly all the produce grown on the farm is either used within our own educational programs and events or given away freely. Every once in awhile we will sell produce to local restaurants, but this is always the excess. Our main purpose is not to turn a profit, but to feed the people. Everyone is allowed to come for u-pick….you pick the produce and you get to take it home, free of charge!






In order for this food to remain free, we have a few things that we ask of you:

  1. Please check in with somebody! Mon-Sat from around 10-5 you can pretty much always find someone from VGI hanging out at the farm! Sometimes earlier or later or on a rare Sunday. If not there, we might be across the street at out Farmhouse (the building with the big, beautiful mural) and you can come ring one of the doorbells.
  2. If no one is around, find the check-in register area (COMING SOON!) and just sign in. You don’t have to give us all your details! We just want to do a little tracking so that we understand how much food we are growing and giving away. Just a name and what you took will do. You can always leave your contact info, sign up to volunteer, leave comments and a bunch of other stuff too if you wish!
  3. Give back to the garden! Pick up some trash around the farm, street, or alley. Help Farmer Aaron pull some weeds or lay down some mulch. Pick up a watering can and give some droopy plants a drink. Do something to help nurture the land and show your love and respect for this communal the space!