CSA Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Farmer(s)?

Our farmer(s) are Victory Garden Initiative staff. Our staff have significant experience in growing food and creating a healthy local option for food access and produce.

What Is the difference between sustainably grown and organic?

Our emphasis is to encourage the use of sustainable growing practices which encompasses more than requiring a piece of paper. Although our food is grown using organic practices, we have not achieved the certified organic. The certification process can involve considerable cost and paperwork as well as create a barrier for effectively growing healthy food on a small scale. The goal is to build the soil which sustains the farm and to minimize the amount of input from outside the farm.

Can I order Ala-Cart from the farm without being a CSA subscriber?

This may be an option in the future. Follow us on Social Media for updates.

How do I pick-up my share (box)?

Come to our pick-up site during the times listed to pick up your fresh produce. Each package will be labeled with your name. We will be using reusable boxes in order to continue the sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Each week you will return the box from the previous week and pick up a new loaded box.

Can I stop delivery if I am out of town?

Yes. We will need a 3-days notice to stop a delivery of a CSA package so that we can coordinate our orders for the week.

What if I forget or miss the pick-up time?

Our delivery times are based on what is convenient for our delivery site and staffing. It is our policy that any packages left after the posted hours can be used at the discretion of the site manager. In many cases, they are distributed to the workers at the site or donated to charity. If you miss your pickup, you may contact us and we can check to see whether your package is available.