A Farm Field Trip is a smell fresh air, get your hands dirty, learn something new, and fun-filled day. These custom field trips are located at our Victory Garden Urban Farm. Visiting this beautiful, green oasis in the hear of the Harambee neighborhood provides the perfect setting for kids to connect with a local food source, learn about growing food, and enjoy activities that highlight nutritious and healthy eating while being outside.


  • Up to 4-hour sessions:           $5.00 per youth / Adults are free
  • More than 4-hour sessions:  $8.00 per youth / Adults are free

Contact us here to schedule your field-trip or to talk about how we can provide value to your own curriculum or experience. VGI Field Trip Flyer

Cooking ClubInsect Safari
There’s always something ready to be harvested and turned into delicious meals! In this activity, youth will harvest some fresh produce and learn how to properly wash and prepare them into a simple snack. Focus will be on farm fresh nutrition, food safety, and basic kitchen skills.
**Small Extra Fee May Apply**
Armed with the tools of the trade, youth will investigate which kinds of critters call the farm home. We will use simple insect keys to identify bugs, discover which bugs are good and bad for the garden, and, of course, have a bug race!


Depending on the length of your field trip, we will provide 2-4 educator-led lessons. The lessons listed in our Field Trip Flyer are some of our most popular options, but we are happy to design a curriculum tailored to your needs! Below is a sample schedule of a 3-hour field trip with 20 or fewer kids. If bringing more than 20 kids, we will split your group up and rotate through activities during each session. We will generally stick to 30-45 minute lessons no matter the length of your trip!

9:00 Bus Arrives

9:10-9:30 Opening Circle + Icebreaker

9:30-10:15 Session 1: Taste Test Farm Tour

10:15-11:00 Session 2: Insect Safari

11:00-11:45 Session 3: Compost Crusader

11:45-12:00 Closing Circle

12:00-12:30 Group Stays for Lunch On-Site

12:45 Bus Depart