Where kids say YEP!…..

I grow food!

I eat vegetables and fruit!

I eat healthier!

I take care of the environment!

Located at our beautiful Victory Garden Urban Farm, YEP! offers hands-on, inspiring, and fun experiences that help youth to learn about the food system, where food comes from, growing food, healthy eating habits, environmental practices, and much more. Every year we welcome 400+ youth from local schools, day cares, and scout clubs to the farm for field trips and 30+ youth from the neighborhood for Summer AgriCorps camp. In addition, we serve 75+ youth at nearby schools for After-School Garden Club programming.

YEP! focuses on four main learning outcomes for youth:

  • Improved gardening skills;
  • Improved perception of fruits and vegetables, soil, and the natural environment;
  • Increased ability to work effectively in a group;
  • Increased knowledge of food systems, nutrition, gardening, community, and the connections between these ideas.