Food Leader Certification Program

The 2019 Food Leader Program is currently being planned.

The Food Leader Certificate Program provides professional and personal leadership development by equipping emerging food leaders to grow their own food, learn about the food system, and lead food projects in their communities. Upon completion of the program, Food Leaders will be presented with a formal Food Leader certificate.

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Learn leadership and community organizing skills during three weekend-long retreats, forming the core of the program. Our kickoff retreat brings the group together for the first time to build community and learn the basics of what it takes to organize a community food project.

Food Leaders have an opportunity to participate in future programs to continue the program’s culture, offer on-going support to new leaders, and help hold Food Leaders accountable to their goals in hopes of building a better food system. In this mentor role, Food Leaders will have the opportunity to facilitate programs, tell their food stories, and develop greater leadership skills.


An important aspect of the Food Leader Program is the connection you make with fellow Food Leaders. The FLCP encourages community building from the outset that flows throughout the program. In between events, Food Leaders stay connected with each other and their instructors and mentors through an email listserv.

We believe that individuals can make the change, but that individuals acting in community are much more likely to succeed. Community is the key to effective action and we will support you as your take your Food Leader journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future.


The Food Leader Certificate Program places a strong emphasis on understanding our current food system and how it impacts our bodies and our environment.

Victory Garden Initiative believes that our food system does not feed everyone equally. During the Food Leader Retreats, program participants will work with our instructors and in small groups to understand the challenges and injustices of the food system.


Food Leaders learn the basics of growing their own food during retreat sessions. This is integrated into each Food Leader’s personally chosen food project that includes sharing these concepts with others.