The Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz takes place every April and May.

Every year we try to install at least 50% of our raised garden beds into at-risk communities with the help of our community partners who give us discounts on supplies and corporate sponsors who subsidize beds in certain communities. This year, we are making every effort to boost this number as much as possible. We have expanded our discount zones to include much of the central city of Milwaukee where Covid-19 has hit particularly hard. However, we always get more requests for discounts outside of these zones, and we use funds from our donors to make this happen. We really wish we could offer everyone who needs it a discount, but there is always more need than we can handle. We hope that this year more people will consider paying it forward to help a family in need get a garden!

100% of donations made through this form go directly to our Blitz Discretionary Discount fund and will be used to subsidize garden beds for families, schools, churches, and other community organization who can’t afford the standard prices of our beds. You can choose any level of donation that you wish, but $200 is what it takes to cover the cost of a bed on our end! (This includes material costs of the soil/lumber as well as costs for delivery, gas for our trucks, PPE for staff/volunteers etc.)