*Update: We’re very sorry, but due to Covid and various staffing/supply/funding issues, we are unable to offer garden services for the time being and will only be installing the standard raised garden beds.

Do you have garden dreams beyond the standard raised beds we offer in our Blitz?

While we love the standard sized raised bed that we install during the Blitz, we know that these aren’t perfect for everyone. Maybe you want to order a lot of beds to create a large garden, maybe you have a really awkward shaped space and don’t know how to configure a vegetable bed, or maybe you’ve got an elderly grandparent who just can’t get down to such a low bed but still loves to garden. Whatever the reason, if you want raised beds we want to get them to you!  Our Garden Services are customized to fit your needs, space, budget, and timeline. Take a look at some of the unique spaces we’ve built in the past and then contact us to see what we can build for you! This is a grassroots movement, after all. Move grass. Grow food!


Bradley Crossing Supportive Housing Community, 2018

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Miscellaneous Projects


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