The Great Milwaukee Victory Garden BLITZ is the NATION’S LARGEST GARDEN-BUILDING EVENT! 

It all started with a group of friends in 2009. Together, they installed 35 raised bed gardens in a SINGLE DAY, serendipitously launching Victory Garden Initiative! 2019 marked our 11th year of the Blitz and in total, we have installed over 4,500 gardens built across Milwaukee and beyond! Plus, we have two sisters cities that do their own Blitz. Check out what is happening at Sustainable Berea in Berea, Kentucky and New Leaf Foods in Green Bay, Wisconsin!


The 2019 BLITZ has ended!

Thank you to all our generous volunteers, donors, sponsors, supporters, and garden bed purchasers for making this another wonderful year! Together we were able to install over 460 more gardens throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area, with around half of those going to low-income neighborhoods!

Unfortunately, we are unable to build beds outside of the Blitz program. It takes a village (literally, it takes 300+ volunteers!) for our Blitz program to run and we do not have the capacity to take on orders once the Blitz has ended. If you would like to get on the list for a Blitz garden in 2020, please fill out this form and our Blitz Coordinator will contact you early next spring once garden registration opens up!

2020 Blitz Waitlist


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