The 14th Annual Victory Garden Blitz Has Ended

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The Great Milwaukee Victory Garden BLITZ is the NATION’S LARGEST GARDEN-BUILDING EVENT! 

It all started with a group of friends in 2009. Together, they installed 35 raised bed gardens in a SINGLE DAY,  launching the Victory Garden Initiative! 2022 will mark our 14th blitz. We’re blitz veterans now, and thought we had seen it all…snow and hail storms, power outages, every equipment malfunction imaginable, technology failures, and so much more. But nothing could have prepared us for the 2020 Blitz and installing beds during a global pandemic. We had to course correct dozens of times last year, and there were days when we despaired about completing the Blitz. There was record demand for garden beds and we pushed ourselves to the limit to install all 500 beds. We have cumulatively installed over 5,000 gardens built across Milwaukee! This is an incredible feat and we hope to keep pushing ahead until all people in Milwaukee have access to locally grown, nutritious, sustainable food!

Currently, we are working with three other organizations across the country to train them on how to do their own blitz in their community. Check out what our awesome partners are up to!

Sustainable Berea in Berea, Kentucky 

New Leaf Foods in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Butte County Local Food Network, in Butte County, California

*While we would love to work with more organizations and offer training, we are stretched to the limit right now! Feel free to reach out to us with your interest but know that we will not be able to connect with you meaningfully until the Fall. We have some basic guidance materials that we can send you in the meantime.

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