summer programs at the farm for a local food system

Summer Programs & Building a Local Food System in Harambee!

After a whole year of keeping our programs small and reserved, we’re excited to be announcing a robust line-up of programs this summer at our Urban Farm Campus! We will of course still be maintaining social distancing, practicing masking, and keeping group sizes small in order to keep our staff and community safe. But with the warm weather upon us and an increase in vaccination rate, we know we can offer safe outdoor activities again! So, we hope you will join us at the farm as we work alongside our Harambee residents to create a nutritious and socially just local food system. Here’s a quick overview of all the programs we will be offering as we work to create a local food system here in Harambee! Click the links for more information!

Harambee residents lining up to get dinner at the Cultivate Harambee eventCultivate Harambee

Once a month we will be offering our dinner series that was borne out of the pandemic. Stop by our farm to pick up a delicious meal prepared in our community kitchen using produce from the farm! Head across the street to sit and eat (socially distanced, of course!) with community and enjoy some free entertainment and kids activities!

Second Saturdays from 4-7pm
249 E Concordia Avenue


EarthSeed: Nourishing Your Roots

This is our new twist on our Food Leader Certificate program! In partnership with Loveland Acres Farm and Diverse & Resilient we will be offering a food justice & leadership training program for marginalized young people in our community.



Friday Farmstand & Tool Library

Every Friday during the growing season we offer a Free Farmstand! Yep, FREE! If you choose to leave a donation, we will put that money right back into our farm so we can grow more nutritious food for the community! This year, we are also offering a tool library where you can either donate you lightly used tools so they don’t end up in a landfill or you can pick up a garden tool you may need.


Farmstand: June 18 – October 29th
Tool Library: same dates, but with extra events on June 4th & 11th


chef demonstrating in the gardenMove Grass Classes

Throughout the year we will be offering culinary and gardening workshops that explore the framework of living farm-to-table, sustainably. Most classes will be taught by our own staff with guest educators appearing for special programs. Exact class dates are still pending.




In partnership with Village Group, Westcare, and Feeding America we have been offering a free pantry on Tuesdays with delivery to Harambee residents. This is a free program, but registration is required! Reach out to Joya directly if you are interested in signing up or volunteering at the pantry.

Summer AgriCorps

The Summer Agricorp program offers youth in the Harambee/Riverwest neighborhoods and beyond an extended summer experience on the farm. This program is open to Harambee/Riverwest youth ages 8-14. The program begins in June and is free for families! Registration is required and enrollment is limited, prioritizing Harambee youth.


U-Pick & Farm Volunteering

Join us at the Victory Garden Urban Farm daily from Mon-Saturday during regular business hours to pick your own fresh produce for free! All we ask is that you give something back to help nourish the farm by doing a little volunteer work (weeding, harvesting, watering, etc — as in-depth or easy as you are able!) or picking up trash around the streets/alleys of the farm campus!


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