A naturalist by training, a gardener by happy accident, and a home cook by tremendous trial and error, Christine joined VGI in May 2018 as the Youth Educator where she is in charge of planning and implementing the Youth Education Program (YEP!).

Having grown up in Central Wisconsin potato country, she was surrounded by food production from a young age. But like many kids, she wanted nothing to do with small-town life so pursued adventure in college, trekking across the world to study global environmental issues in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Costa Rica. Throughout that time, she kept finding food to be a central issue. Food not being available, too much of the wrong kinds of foods, and mismanagement of food production were all central issues that affected the health of the environment and the lives of the people she was trying to inform. She stumbled into garden and farm education as a way to connect people with the environment through fostering a love of delicious, healthy food.

Christine received her Bachelor’s in Environmental Education/Interpretation from UW-Stevens Point in 2013 and has been slowly pursuing a Master’s in Sustainable & Resilient Food Systems, also through UW-SP. Over the last several years she has been involved with Farm to School programs, farms, and food insecurity organizations and is thrilled to be a part of the VGI team! When not in the garden with kids you can usually find her hiking on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, browsing the stacks at the library, prepping some meals at home or, when in doubt, check the local ice cream shops!