Fruity Nutty 5 orchard contest


The Fruity Nutty Five Contest promotes the planting of fruit and nut trees in parks and residential yards and the creation of neighborhood orchards and food forests throughout the city of Milwaukee. By planting fruit and nut trees, our goal is to protect the environment, improve public health, and strengthen our community. Through the Fruity Nutty Five, we have awarded 24 Fruity Nutty Orchards in Milwaukee and planted hundreds of other fruit and nut trees, including those at Concordia Gardens.

Fruit and nut trees provide nutritious food, serve as a source of oxygen, protect against soil erosion, and keep neighborhoods cool in the summer. Planting trees strengthens relationships between neighbors, encouraging community. We hope that neighbors who grow fruit and nut trees will share their bounty! In fact, on any given block, there is often a need for two of any given type of fruit and nut tree in order to achieve cross-pollination. Fruit trees, like people we believe, need one another to thrive. 


The 2017 Fruity Nutty Five Contest will open October 1, 2016!

Don't have land? 
secure your orchard space
through Groundwork Milwaukee

or other means BEFORE submitting your application.

Since its inception in 2012, our Fruity Nutty 5 orchards have grown in many ways! 

Would you like to be featured on this map next year?  Apply for an orchard below!


What if you could pick peaches from your backyard, and trade them for pears from your neighbor's yard? What if the vacant lot on your block was transformed into a vibrant, food producing orchard where neighborhood kids could pick fresh fruit all summer long?

Introducing the Fruity Nutty Five Contest! Each year, five neighborhoods win up to 30 fruit- and nut-producing plants for their community.  

Show us why your neighborhood deserves to win, and your block could be home to a brand new orchard this spring. Plus, you'll get free admission to tree care classes!
WHATRally your neighbors together (you'll need at least 10 of them) to win a community orchard! You can plant trees in public space, on private properties, or both. Each of the five winning neighborhoods will receive up to 30 fruit and nut producing plants. Yum! (PS: Two representatives from each applying group also get a free ticket to the Fruity Nutty Affair!)
WHERE: Your neighborhood! All trees must be planted within a 4-block radius. Get to know your neighbors by entering this contest, and you could be swapping peaches for pears next summer.
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HOW: Our 2017 application will be available on October 1, 2016. You will need both the application and additional resource packet (link below) to put together your application! Printed copies may be picked up by request at our office. Email Kelly to request one or call: 414-431-0888. 

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past winners


Centro Hispano

st ann center for intergenerational care - bucyrus campus

urban eden community garden

hales corners environmental committee

"Seedling" Orchard Winners: Gordon Place and Five Points Neighborhood Association


Pete's Fruit Market

Peace Park & Garden

COA Youth & Family Center - Goldin Center


Story Hill Neighborhood

Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center

Tippecanoe Church/Saveland Park


Highland Community School / King Park

Vincent High School

All people's church

Gingerbread Lane


Runner up: Walker's Point



Walker's Point

DMZ Community Garden

45th Street

friends of Tippecanoe Park

Read more about the winners here
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