Produce Available for the week of June 16, 2017:
  • swiss chard (multi-colored) 10-15lb
  • fennel (young bulbs) 10lb
  • kale (lacinato or blue scotch) 10lb
  • fava bean pods (young, tender) 5lb every other day
  • cilantro 10lb
  • onions (green and small bulb) 10lb
  • beet tops 5lb
  • peas (snow and snap pods) 5lb
  • carrot tops (make into pesto) 5lb
  • dill (flowering) 5lb
  • lettuce (loose leaf mix) 20lb
  • pea shoots 10lb
  • broccoli (small to medium florets) 5lb
  • radish (japanese shunkyo) 15lb
  • kohlrabi greens (young and tender cook like collards) 10lb
  • parsley (curled) 10lb
  • garlic scapes 5lb
  • mint 5lb
  • purslane (giant garden variety) 5lb

Contact Ian at 414-378-9173 or for questions on available produce and pricing. 

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