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MOVE GRASS CLASS: edible gardening for sustainability

This year we're trying something a little different! Introducing Move Grass Class, a series of classes designed to help you get stuff done. We believe that the best way to learn  is to do,  so each class includes a hands-on component. We've broken down our classes into five main areas. Scroll down to view our full class schedule, or view and register for our mini-series by clicking the on the titles below. Read about our teachers here!

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Single class:

Class Mini-Series:
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5-Class Punchcard:
10-Class Punchcard: $140
Full Series (15 classes): $165

How do punchcards work?
Class Mini-Series:

Beginners: Want to transform your regular yard into a food producing garden?

Permaculture: Want to take your vegetable garden to the next level?

Cooking: Want to transform your kitchen?

Public Gardens: Want to reclaim an unused urban space?

Orchards: Want to start an urban orchard?

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 How do punchcards and registration work?
If you register for a specific class, a miniseries, or a full series all you have to do is come to class. We'll have your registration on file! If you choose one of the punchcards, that means you can attend any class you like, no matter which mini-series they belong to. If you have a five-class card, you can pick it up at the first class you attend and you'll get your first punch. After that, you can choose any four other classes--each time you'll get a punch. Once your card is full, you'll have to pay to attend any further classes. The more classes you attend, the less you will pay per class (unless you choose a miniseries). Here's the per class rate for each type of registration:

Single Class: $18 per class
5 Class Punchcard: $15 per class
10 Class Punchcard: $14 per class
Mini-Series: $13 per class
Full Series: $11 per class

Got questions? Feel free to contact us or phone the office at 414-431-0888.

2014 Teacher Bios >>

Jesse Blom
has been working for 12 years as an experiential educator. He began as an outdoor and adventure educator, using the wilderness as a teaching tool. Next, he spent many years as a leadership development educator, teaching aspects of group dynamics and achieving goals, often using outdoor environments and nature as teachers of this subject matter. Now, Jesse has been working in the urban agriculture field for the past four years, specializing in converting waste to resources. His work involves teaching and training young children, teens, and adults how to work together to grow food and create change in the community. Jesse likes to use hands-on, practical methods to teach about soil-based gardening as well as water-based gardening (hydro and aquaponics).

Jesse teaches Good to the Last Drop, Soil Rehab and more.

Cullen Bosworth has over a decade of farming experience on his own sustainable farm. Before that, he was a chef for Organic Valley, and he's thrilled to be living back in the city, able to share his wealth of hard-earned knowledge.

Cullen teaches Berms, Swales, Keylines and A-Frames, Healthy Cookin' from the Garden and more.

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