The Great Milwaukee 

Victory Garden


May 9th - 23rd, 2015

Each year during the Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz, Victory Garden Initiative volunteers install hundreds of raised beds gardens in backyards, front yards, schools, community centers, and places of worship - just about anywhere you can imagine!

It all started with a group of friends in 2009. Together, they installed 35 raised bed gardens in a SINGLE DAY, serendipitously launching Victory Garden Initiative! In 2014, we built a record-breaking 548 gardens in two weeks.  Start growing food in your community in 2015!



Register for a 4' by 8' raised bed garden at the bulk rate of only $160,  fully installed by our volunteers and filled with new soil from our local compost partners to get your season off on the right foot.

Just need some soil? We've got that, too! 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about being a proud garden owner or Blitz volunteer.


The Blitz cannot happen without you! This is our most popular volunteer event of the year. Grab a shovel, rally your friends, and help build community! 

If you have a volunteer group, email Ellie by April 24th to coordinate your group's participation .


Once your garden is built and filled with soil, We Grow Greens and Slow Food WiSE can provide the next steps for your garden. Check out their websites to start growing your own food!


Join the VGI family! Sign up to be a member or year-round volunteer. Stay up to date with our programs and events - 2015 Move Grass Classes, Potluck, FarmRaiser, and more!

  • Sponsor a Garden! Help someone in our community become more self-sufficient and food secure by donating a garden bed.
  • Become a Garden Mentor - build community by sharing your knowledge with a new gardener. 

This is a grassroots movement. MOVE GRASS. GROW FOOD.

Want to become a 2015 Victory Garden Blitz Sponsor? Email Ellie for more information.           

2015 BLITZ Sponsors & Community Partners!

 The 2015 Blitz Committee     

 Jeff Leswing ::                                                   
Victory Garden Initiative Board Member, Habitat for Humanity Board Member,
 Blitz Logistics Wizard. 

Gretchen Mead ::
Victory Garden Initiative Executive Director, 
Blitz Powerhouse.

 Katie Kowalski ::
Volunteer Services Director for Habitat for Humanity of Milwaukee, 
Blitz Volunteer Guru.

 Chris Steinkamp :: 
Urban Ecology Center Menomonee Valley, 
Hardest of Core Blitz Enthusiast. 

 Cindy Gear :: 
Habitat for Humanity Deconstruction Crew Lead, 
Blitz Organizer. 

   Sammi Dittloff ::

UW-Milwaukee Grad Student, 
Blitz Communication Team.

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